The Seven Summits project was commissioned for the 4th edition of the Marrakech Biennale. In October 2011 I summited the seven mountains over 4000 meters in the Western High Atlas range. A stone was extracted from each peak and transported to Marrakech to be displayed in a temporary installation. At the culmination of the exhibition I repeated the trek, restoring the stones to their exact origins. The seven mountains summited were Toubkal (4167m), Timesguida (4091m), Ras (4087m), Afella (4032m), Toubkal West (4024m), Akioud (4016m), and Biguinoussene (4001m).

Photography and video assistance by Lachlan Pettit and Hermione O'Hea.

Integral to the success of this project has been local Moroccan support including Hafid Lamrani (satchel maker), Houssein 'Tajin' Chajaa (Berber guide), Said Aafik (contractor), Youssef Latrach (student intern), Youssef Seltaoui (woodcarver), Abd Rahim Ouhassou (assistant), Tarik Bani (assistant), and Salima Hadimi (production assistant).

Artworks: Seven Summits (album), Seven Summits (satchel), and Seven Summits (installation)

The seven summits
A satchel and geological tools
Hiking into Imlil Valley
Looking out from the tallest point in North Africa
The peak of Toubkal West
Traversing near Akioud
Tadat Pass before summiting Biguinoussene
Evening view from Nelter Refuge
A view of Timesguida from Ras n'Ouanoukrim
Replacing the summit of Toubkal West
Fog in Imlil Valley
Replacing the summit of Ras
Hiking down from the summit of Akioud
Replacing the summit of Afella